Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if Ultrabox doesn't display on my site?

A: Please go to Message to enable the app.

Q: How can I customize the message?

A: Edit your content in Message. In the editor, enter your own message and format the font, size, color, etc.

To choose emojis: click on 😃

To input a personalized placeholder, click on [P] and enter either country, city or flag. Alternatively, you can write it manually by placing country, city or flag in double square brackets: [[city]], [[country]], [[flag]].

See Preview on the right.

Q: How can I change the theme?

A: You can choose the basic themes or customize your theme in Theme Settings.

See Preview on the right.

Q: How much does Ultrabox charge?

A: We charge a monthly fee of $2.95, plus $0.01 every order your store makes.

You only pay a maximum of $9.95 per month ($2.95 monthly fee included).

Q: When will I be charge?

A: You’ll pay after the 14-day free trial.

Q: Can I use Ultrabox for multiple stores?

A: Currently we don’t support managing multiple stores from one account. You have to install the app in each of your store.

To switch stores from Ultrabox: Click on Log out in the top right corner, then input your other store name.

Q: How to remove Ultrabox from my store?

A: Go to Apps > Ultrabox > Uninstall. Then go to Online Store > Action > Edit Code. Find the product.liquid file, then remove this part: {% include “ultrabox-ultracom” %}